(played by Gabrielle Hondorp) – Gentle, outgoing, has a positive and inspiring attitude. Just graduated college and is
hoping for a career in musical theater.

Image Shepherd (played by Michael Mishaw) - Gentle, wise beyond years, keen and empathetic spiritual leader. He is charismatic, attractive and a born leader. Shep began his spiritual path at a very young age, studying eastern religions as well as western.
ImagePigeon (played by Mackenzie Alexander) - Sensitive, vulnerable, shy, pretty in an awkward way; gender fluid. She mostly keeps to herself and likes to read and write poetry.

ImageHawk (played by Ryan Link) - Tough, resourceful, realistic. Also, hard-bitten. Has a strong physical presence and is thought of by the group as the protector.

ImageMeryl (played by Dianne Davidson) - Older, queer, is a singer/songwriter, never getting the big break. Old-school pessimist, a needle waiting for the bubble, always sharp and puncturing. Meryl thinks of her self as the parent of the group.
ImageSplit (played by Walter Roman) - Drug addict, trying to get clean (rapper/poet). Of the streets; urbane, cynical, lofty, stand-alone, alternating hilarious and tragic. Always playing with words and writing poems, Split is a true slam poet.
ImageMaytech (played by Faith Grumberg-Otey) – Young, transgender, science prodigy and technology wizard. Loves music and technology, Maytech helped build the Vivors connection to the outside world through the internet and social media.
ImageKite (played by Hayden Kellermeyer) – Always plugged in, up to date, gathers news and reports. Videographer and photographer, projecting the latest on screens and integrating/coordinating with social media.

Vivors - "We are One"