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About Us

Image Vivors is about a community based on interconnectivity, arcing our experience - how we got here, the roiling environment, war and spiritual malaise - with our strength, coming together from different walks of life and our hope: that WE can change the future.

We are all Vivors at heart; the audience arrives at a giant warehouse to experience life extending beyond the “physical” stage. The audience walks into an ongoing, unfolding visual and auditory experience. Above a constant flow of images is streaming and music beacons from the stage.

The show begins. The Vivors are on stage singing, pulling the audience deeper and deeper into the past, present and future of the world. As the performance continues the audience experiences vignettes from backstage. The people, the characters living their lives, are revealed live and in person as the show continues. Time, space and being intermingle. As we all walk through this life we have our own story to tell but today the story is that of the Vivors and the cast of characters that have come together to put on the concert of a lifetime.

Vivors - "We are One"